10 years of innovation…

InnoSportLab De Tongelreep was founded in 2007, and today we’re still going strong.

10 years ago InnoSportLab started with a small crew and just a few cameras above the water to capture the starting movement of a swimmer. There was a lot of time to improve back then…
Nowadays, we’re working in a multifunctional swimming pool with more than 25 underwater cameras, 4 regular cameras and a bunch of measuring and analysis systems for all different concepts of swimming. Together with our professional team, swimmers already made great improvements. But that’s not all… The small crew that started 10 years ago has changed slightly. Today we are an ”army” of interns and employees focused on reaching the company’s goals!


…with a great Team

The Future

As InnoSportLab de Tongelreep we are proud of everything we have achieved so far. However, this doesn’t mean our dreams are over.

InnoSportLab is very strong when it’s about science and sport. But our main goal is always to step further, so we are redefining our plans for the future in order to spread our knowledge and reach as many people as possible. We believe this is what we need to work on, our discoveries should be everybody’s ones.

Via our social media platforms, we are trying to give away some clues we discover about swimming styles. Besides, supporting a project from some old interns, we are trying to share detailed info about our measurements, analysis and studies. Find more about this project by clicking on the picture above

Partners and other involved parties

We haven’t been alone during this time.

From the very earliest moment, we established nice relationships and friendships. It would not have been possible to pass through last 10 years without building this network. We owe a great thank you to all our partners and friends. After all, they enabled us to develop our foundation on many different levels.

Of course, we continue making new friends, establishing relations and even supporting new ideas. Do you want to share anything with us, give us some feedback or simply introduce us to your new idea? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to use this contact!


There are always several chances

Internships; PhDs opportunities; scientific, sport or business related; national or international and many other options

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Reach us through this general contact.

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