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MAD-system demonstration in Germany;

ISL de Tongelreep on tour!

Just a couple of days ago, representatives of InnoSportLab de Tongelreep went to Cologne, Germany for two days to provide a demonstration of the so-called MAD system. Cologne hosted an event for ”The International Conference on Biomechanics in Sport 2017” called ISBS 2017 and we were invited to showcase this invention of ours.


We told you that we would bring you up to date with how our demonstration went, so here’s a little recap of the happening.
Our team went to Cologne on Thursday, and spent the day travelling and setting up the system. The modern MAD system is a fixed setup within our lab’s swimming pool, but this portable unit takes a bit of time to put together! So much time, in fact, that by having to take into account the various differences of the pool compared to ours, they spent 5 hours perfecting the set-up for the demonstration.
On Friday, the congress visitors came by in groups to see how the system functions, with them getting a theoretical explanation before joining our team in the pool for the hands-on experience. While Lars was doing the actual measurements, helped by test swimmers from the club, Carlo explained exactly how the system works and what we use it for.

At the end of the day, our team conducted demonstrations for three large groups of people, all sports and biomechanics professionals. The reception had been very good and positive, and we hope this experience will bring more enthusiasm and innovation to the swimming world’s research branch!

The MAD system

“optimizing swimming performance”

As you know, we are always looking for new ways of optimizing swimming performance, but in this instance, we have been using a system that has first been developed in the 80’s! However, that does not mean the technology or concept is dated. The MAD-system used to be critisized for being too hefty and impractical, but over the years this has been worked on, and many swimmers have reaped the benefits of this system. Also, many other technological innovations have been implemented to create a true state-of-the-art measurements system. But what do we use it for?

MAD stands for Measure Active Drag, which in turn explains pretty much what the system does. The measurements that this system conducts can tell what force the swimmer is putting out, and therefore, trainers and coaches know if the swimmer is training well, or whether changes need to made to the routine. Also, the measurements can serve for as a monitoring base for power output. The MAD system measures force in Newton, and by combining these results with the time in which the swimmer has done a certain distance, we can calculate the exact power output in Watt.


“One of the most realistic and relevant ways of monitoring swimmers”

When using the MAD-system, the swimmer has to swim and push off the respective posts that are fixed following the length of the pool. These swimmers obviously need to train, not only in the pool, but also by following specific fitness routines that can help them generate more force. When doing these exercises, their trainers and coaches will need to know whether what they are doing facilitates the change that they want to see in the water! For this, the MAD-system is an optimal solution. It is perhaps one of the most realistic and relevant way of training and monitoring swimmers. This way of physical training remains very close to the movements that swimmers make, which makes it very useful.

Soon we will bring you an update with how the demonstration went and how it was received.. We will keep you posted!

Would you like to try our MAD system yourself?

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