InnoSportLab de Tongelreep is an optimal environment to do research in a practical setting.

By combining our internal expertise with knowledge from different universities, further insights can be achieved. To elaborate our knowledge, InnoSportLab De Tongelreep performs research in different fields of (particularly) Human Movement sciences. Furthermore, we collaborate with national and international universities and have a lot of interns from all kinds of universities every year.

We have developed what probably is the most advanced swimming pool in the word.
In this place, research on several topics is performed: biomechanics, physiology talent recognition, motor-learning and vortex dynamics. Interested in our scientific research? See the links below.

Carry out practical research

One of the strengths of InnoSportLab De Tongelreep is the cooperation with our scientific partners, the universities.

The VU Amsterdam, the University of Groningen, the Technical University Eindhoven and the Technical University Delft, among others, are important partners for us. Due to their involvement with our projects, several researches and scientific articles have been written.

Scientists like Prof Dr. Inge Herman Clerx and Prof Dr. Peter Beek are closely connected to our swimming pool, helping our research to come from a high level. Furthermore, two PhDs are working in our laboratory: Sander Schreven, Biomechanics; Josje van Houwelingen, Vortex Dynamics and many other PhD positions to host in the future.


Knowledge for everyone

In order to spread our knowledge to the rest of the world, our scientists regularly write articles about the gained knowledge and research of InnoSportLab. In these articles, fundamental research is translated into ‘readable’ texts for everyone.

Besides our current PhDs, InnoSportLab is working on a fourth placement for a PhD, talent recognition. Together with the Department of Human Movement Sciences of the University Groningen we work to create this fourth PhD position. In the links below you find the summary of some articles.

Science partners in Europe

InnoSportLab cooperates with national & foreign universities & students

For example, the University of Bielefeld, under jurisdiction of Prof. Bodo Ungerechts (Germany), worked on sonification in swimming. Using sonification, feedback was given in order to influence the movement pattern of a swimmer. Also, the University of Granada in Spain was involved in practical research led by Prof. Raúl Arellano. Besides, a lot of foreign students work on different topics in swimming.

InnoSportLab hosts between 40 and 60 national and international interns yearly. We provide internships on several topics such as engineering, communication, movement sciences, sport management, web design and industrial design. Are you interested in one of these vacancies? Apply by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

InnoSportLab de Tongelreep hosts between 40 and 60 interns on a yearly basis.
Click on the links below to see our vacancies.
Engineers, Communication, Movement Sciences, Sport Management, Web designers, Industrial Design...
Are you interested in one of these vacancies? Use the contact form below.
A special position in our laboratory is taken by the embedded scientists. At this moment there are two of these positions fulfilled.
One of them is directly connected to the Royal Dutch Swimming Association and works together with the coaches in the pool to analyze data and abstract information which help to improve the performance of the swimmers. Since elite athletes are not comparable to general humans, it is important to research every athlete individually.
These scientists are specially hired to give scientific backup to the coaches.
PhD Promotion
PhD Promotion
One of the co-workers of InnoSportLab de Tongelreep is specialized in fundraising. At this moment the focus is mainly on four themes:
Performance analysis
Swimming pool and lessons of the future
Vitality enhancement
The major topics above these subjects are data collection, data analysis and data interpretation towards useful information.
Do you see chances to develop interesting research topics connected to one of them? Contact us.

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