Swimming is a very important and great sport in the Netherlands. Each year 180,000 children receive their swim diploma, and more than 400 associations participate in the Dutch swimming competition.

For swimmers, InnoSportLab is the Tongelreep is “the place to be”. In the training pool, adjacent to the lab itself, all sorts of advanced facilities are used to measure and support coaches during training.

Our laboratory has been used by the NL national swimming team for years and is the underlying force in many of their achievements. At InnoSportLab de Tongelreep it is also possible to train yourself in these professional circumstances, or to analyze your own swimming technique.

Partner of the Royal Swim Federation of The Netherlands

ISLT already has a long history in collaboration with the top swimmers of the national swimming team.

The most important names are world-class athletes such as Pieter van den Hoogenband, Inge Dekker, Marleen Veldhuis, Femke Heemskerk, Ferry Weertman and Sharon van Rouwendaal. They all use the expertise and facilities of our swimming lab.

In addition, swimmers from all over the world come here to analyze their performance. By combining technology, knowledge and highly educated scientists who work intensively with coaches, an optimal training situation has been created. Follow our Youtube channel to see exclusive videos about our training methods and technologies.

Olympic achievements

The InnoSportLab is present at many World Championships and Olympic Games.

Here the races are analyzed by members of our team who use customized software. The data is then used to make comparisons with previous races, opponents and the rest of the world. At the moment, a number of ICT trainees are working on designing new software that will ensure rapid data processing.

During regular training, video analysis is regularly used. This is an automated system that provides valuable information about starting, turning points and swimming technology, which we can see immediately after the action. This instant feedback is realized by software that integrates videos from the many cameras, linking Kistler startup measurements and comparing previous attempts. More information about our software and measurements? Contact us!

Swimming analyzes for all

In order to make our center accessible to swimmers of any level, InnoSportLab has been working with Swimcenter.

Swimming centers offer courses and analyzes for swimmers at each level, using the technologies of our laboratory. In addition, InnoSportLab facilitates the Tongelreep training camps for clubs and national teams, tailored to your wishes as well as your budget.

Do you want to experience Olympic facilities through a specially designed program, enroll for a training camp with high tech facilities or are you looking for the highest level of swimming analyzes? Contact us!

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